Wyvern Society

What We Do

The Wyvern Society, founded on 1 August 1899,  is the representative body for all past residents who have lived in the College for six months or more. The society aims to promote harmony and good fellowship among all Wyverns, and to foster the interests of Queen’s College.

The Committee

The Wyvern Committee is responsible for the operation of the Wyvern Society and is comprised of volunteers. The Committee consists of a four-member elected Executive Committee, six additional elected members and five ex-officio members. In addition, the Committee can appoint permanent observers.

The current members of the Wyvern Society Committee are:

Office Bearers
Arch Wyvern Alex Webster (2000)
Deputy Arch Wyvern Katti Williams (1994)
Secretary Sophie Lawes (2014)
Treasurer Brooke Ward (2011)
Ordinary Members
Ordinary Member Warrick Brewer (2000)
Ordinary Member Sally Morris (1994)
Ordinary Member Sophie Tilley (2016)
Ordinary Member Andrew Kovacs (2007)
Ordinary Member Afra Cader (2013)
Permanent Observer  Jacob Workman (2005)
Permanent Observer George Willox (1975)
Permanent Observer Andrew Walpole (1974)
Master Dr Stewart Gill
Director of Advancement Nicole Crook
MCR President Sarah Loo
JCR President Matt Cohen
Past Arch Wyvern Jacob Workman (2005)