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Wyvern of the Year Award

The Wyvern of the Year Award is presented annually to a member of the Wyvern Society in recognition of exceptional and outstanding service to the community within the state, nationwide or internationally.

It is a means of honouring someone from within the Queen’s family who has contributed greatly to the community in a distinguished and dedicated manner. The Award consists of a medal and pin which is conferred at the Wyvern Society Annual Dinner in October every year.
Nominations now open for Wyvern of the Year 2018.


Nominees and nominators must be members of the Wyvern Society, being one of:

  • Past resident or non-resident student of Queen’s College
  • Resident member of the Senior Common Room, past or present
  • Fellow of Queen’s College
  • Member of the Council of Queen’s College, past or present
  • Such other person as decided by a General Meeting or the Wyvern Society Committee to be deserving of membership of the Wyvern Society.


Confidentiality in nomination is essential. The Arch Wyvern will contact finalists to confirm their acceptance of nomination, but the nominators will remain anonymous.

Nominations are to be made via the official form, giving the details of the person nominated and the justification for the nomination, not just the naming of the person. These forms are only valid when signed and dated by both the nominator and seconder.Nominators must provide details of at least one person in addition to the nominator and seconder who is able to make direct comment on the contribution/service of the person they are nominating.

The provision of all necessary information is the responsibility of the nominator.All completed nomination forms should be sent to the Wyvern Society Committee either via post or by using the email address archwyvern@queens.unimelb.edu.au.


The nomination form sets out criteria which should be addressed when nominating a candidate. It is helpful to include examples of how the nominee has gone above and beyond what could reasonably be expected of someone in a similar position and why you think their service and/or achievement(s) are outstanding and worthy of recognition through the Wyvern of the Year Award.


The award is not competitive. The Wyvern Society Committee will form a selection subcommittee to assess nominees and propose a winner for Committee endorsement. The decision of the Committee is final.Preference will be given to recent contributions or achievements. An award will not be made if, in the opinion of the subcommittee, there is no suitable candidate.

Note: the nominations remain valid for two years.

Electronic Nomination Form

This form can be saved, typed on and emailed.
Wyvern of the Year Electronic Form
Download PDF [1146kb]

Printable Nomination Form

This form can be printed, handwritten and posted.
Wyvern of the Year Printable Nomination Form
Download PDF [1046kb]

Past recipients

  • Mr Rod Sims, 2017
  • Ms. Lauren George, 2016
  • Hon. Marcia Neave AO, 2015
  • Dr Donald (Scotty) MacLeish AO, 2014

More information

Contact Alex Webster, Arch-Wyvern for more details. archwyvern@queens.unimelb.edu.au



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