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Wyvern Activities


The Wyvern Society hosts regular Reunions. Reunions are always very happy occasions with everyone enjoying the opportunity to catch up with old friends, relive a little of the College experience and be informed of current student and Queen’s activities.

Wyvern Dinner

The Wyvern Dinner is for all Wyverns and their partners and aims to promote good fellowship, coupled with good food and wine. A guest speaker, usually from within the Wyvern Community, is always a highlight of the evening.


Young Wyverns

Each Year there is a function for Young Wyverns to encourage recent leavers to retain contacts with each other and the College.

Overseas, Interstate and Regional Dinners

From time to time Wyvern Dinners are held in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and London while every two to three years dinners are also held in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Launceston/Hobart. These dinners are attended by the Arch Wyvern, the Master and the Director of Development and provide an opportunity for our far flung Wyvern Community to catch up on College new and fellow Wyverns.

Wyvern Professional Liaison Dinner

The Professional Liaison Dinner provides an opportunity for Younger Wyverns who are doing interesting things in their careers to return to the College and share their experiences of the work force with current students. Any Wyvern willing to help out with these dinners is most welcome. Please contact Director of Development in the office by email if you are willing to help.

The Eric Osborn Oration

Professor Osborn delivered the first Eric Osborn Oration in 1998, with distinguished Wvyerns Professor Geoffrey Blainey; The Master, Professor David Runia; and Professor David Copolov continuing the high standard of oratory in following years. The Eric Osborn Oration is held every third year, with all Wyverns, past parents and current parents welcome to attend.