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Photo of the new Master, Dr Stewart Gill

Welcome from the new Master

Dr Stewart Gill OAM

I have already had the pleasure of meeting quite a few Wyverns during my first nine weeks as Master, and it is my further pleasure to reach out to you, our broader alumni community, here.

I have had the privilege of working in senior management roles within colleges now for over 20 years (you can read further about my professional history here), but one thing that has immediately struck me as unique to Queen’s is the camaraderie, closeness and the support that the community feels for each other and our purpose. This has been demonstrated by both our current residents—through rapturous celebration of each other’s achievements and awards at our recent Commencement Dinner—and by Wyverns, often in private who have shared their passion and willingness to support the College and our vision for the future.

In order for the College community to not only continue to prosper but to advance, together our vision must focus on how we engage with the past, present, and future. By that I mean, how we support and add value to our alumni, current residents, and the future students who will pass through the arch. The foundation of this enterprise is built upon partnerships—collaborations that are built upon mutual support, good faith, trust, and above all, a shared vision for the unique prosperity that the Queen’s experience bestows.

“… one thing that has immediately struck me as unique to Queen’s is the camaraderie, closeness and the support that the community feels for each other and our purpose.”

Partnerships that are pivotal to ensuring the Queen’s experience is not only world class, but also attainable to as many students as possible regardless of their financial means, are philanthropic partnerships. It is for this reason that my first focus as Master has been connecting with those of you in our community who have the means to add crucial support in this way. This goal includes realising a more committed and mutual engagement with our key stakeholder, the university, as well as with external philanthropic associations who share our values and vision for the unique benefits of collegiate education here at Queen’s.

Of course, there are many ways that you may support the College in our journey ahead, not the least of all by keeping engaged and interested in what your fellow Wyverns are doing, and what is happening at the College today. To this end, I hope that our Wyvern Society newsletter and this website provides you with the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with your peers and your shared experiences that have shaped who you are today.

Our College has an incredible history, rich with stories and successes that Wyverns can take great pride in. And today we have many exciting opportunities to make significant growth in how we serve you, our alumni, our residents, close stakeholders, and the broader community. And with your support I look forward to continuing our work here at Queen’s building for eternity.