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Undergraduate students seated in Quad at Queen's College

Why choose to live at Queen’s College?

Our aim is to provide the best possible environment for students to pursue their studies at university.

Queen’s College is not just a place to sleep at night - rather, it is an academic community designed to complement your university education. It is the academic community aspect of College which confers so many advantages to students. The large range of activities, the academic and pastoral support and the daily interaction with such a diverse community allows students to discover and develop skills and experiences they never thought possible. Here are five reasons why you should choose to live at Queen’s College:

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A vibrant community. Not just a place to live.


Formal Dinner in Eakins Hall

Ball - queens community

Queen’s Ball

Hockey - community crop

Hockey final

Life at Queen’s College is not just about a place to stay. The idea of a college community and the rewards it brings may sound cliched, but once you’ve actually lived the college life, it’s hard to imagine why it wouldn’t be the only choice for any student.

It goes without saying that living in close proximity with 230 other students automatically creates a strong bond. People of all ages, from the high school graduates to residential tutors, all play a part in contributing to the friendly, warm atmosphere of the college. Imagine how easy it is to make so many new friends at once simply by sharing meals, living spaces, bathrooms and corridors together.

In College you will regularly interact with people of diverse backgrounds and interests – when you sit down for dinner, you’ll be conversing with people studying (or already are) architects, engineers, artists, journalists, lawyers, teachers, doctors and so on. This is a place where you will gain many new perspectives on life and your daily interactions with so many people will naturally develop your confidence and social skills – these benefits help not just at uni, but in your career and personal relationships later in life.

College is also immensely fun! Living in a large community with people your own age lends itself to many social activities throughout the year. These range from large organized events such as the annual College Ball to more local events such as the Corridor Dinners.

Diverse Experiences. More than just a degree.

‘Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.’
George Bernard Shaw

With the extensive range of sporting, cultural, spiritual and academic activities, College is the perfect place to develop new talents, skills and interests and leave university with more than just a degree. Whether you have lots of experience or none, you are encouraged to try any activity which takes your interest – the only requirement to participate is enthusiasm! Here are some of the activities you can get involved in:



Queen’s College offers a large range of sports for men and women to compete in, playing against teams from the other University of Melbourne colleges. There are first and second teams available in the more popular sports allowing both those with skill or those new to the game the chance to take part.

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Music & Drama

At the forefront of music and drama at Queen’s College is MADS – the Music and Drama Society. You can get involved not just as a performer, but costume, fundraising, publicity, stage manager, tech crew. You may prefer to simply watch and enjoy the performances that range from full drama and musical productions to solo piano performances.

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Academic & Creative

From creative arts and public speaking competitions, Junior Common Room/Middle Common Room vs Junior Common Room debates and trivia quizes, to regular presentations and talks by influential and successful members of society, there is always something at College which will stimulate your intellect.

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Academic support. Your secret weapon.

Academic support landscape

 Succeeding at university can be tough. It isn’t as structured as school, the lecturers are often busy, and friends and Google can only teach you so much. That’s where we can be your secret weapon to success!

Queen’s College has one of the largest tutorial programs across the University of Melbourne colleges. The tutorials are run by graduates, post-grads and professionals – people who have been through the course and innately understand the difficulties that the coursework can provide. Best of all, many of the tutors live at College and are available to help when you need them the most – exam time!

It’s not just the tutors which make College so special – it’s also your fellow students in College where you will often find many who are doing the same course. Study groups, doing group assignments with your College friends, or just having someone to sympathise with your tough assignment or workloads – it’s so much easier with your College advantage.

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Tradition. Building on generations of history

Founded by the Rev. William Quick on June 16th, 1887 (Founder’s Day), the proud traditions of Queen’s College go back to the 19th century.

Traditions are the glue that hold families, institutions and communities together – and some of ours date back to the 19th century! In our fast paced constantly evolving world, there is something satisfying walking through our old buildings and feeling part of something bigger.

Some of our more quirky traditions are sure to bring a smile to your face and make great stories to tell your friends! Now if we could only remember how the tradition of water melon helmets at Rowing Day started

History of the College


Perfect location. Right on the University’s doorstep.

With a diverse, multi-cultural population of 3.5 million, Melbourne is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city to live in.

Queen’s College is located in the University of Melbourne precinct allowing our students direct access to the campus from the College. For those studying at RMIT or Monash University’s Faculty of Pharmacy, they are both a short walk or tram ride away. When you want a break from your academic studies, you can either head into the Melbourne CBD (a 10 minute tram or 20 minute walk) or head over to the nearby Princess Park with its open fields and running loop. Either way, be it studying or relaxing, Queen’s College is perfectly placed for your time at university.


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