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Undergraduate Fees and Charges

Fees quoted are GST inclusive and are for an academic year of up to 36 weeks. In the case of International Exchange students staying for one Semester, fees payable would be pro rata.

No refunds will be made in the case of students whose academic year is less than 36 weeks. Weekly fees for students who stay beyond 36 weeks are charged according to holiday rates. Access to the Library and other facilities during these extended periods cannot be guaranteed but may be arranged with the relevant Library staff.

Schedule of Fees (2018)

  • Annual Fee $28,635
  • Half-Yearly $14,320

(including GST where applicable)

Returning Students

Confirmation of Residency Fee of $1,000 for returning students to be paid before departure at the end of Semester 2 which confirms a place at Queen’s College and is deducted from the 2019 1st Semester Fees.

First Year Fees

  • Confirmation of Residency Fee: $1,000 (this fee is deducted from the Annual Fee if place is accepted.)
    The Confirmation of Residency Fee is only refundable in exceptional circumstances (for example if the student receives a 2nd or 3rd round offer, personal or family calamity).
  • Enrolment Fee: (includes Life Membership to the Wyvern Society) $708
  • Club and College charges for Orientation Week: $818
  • Key Levy: $147

Other fees and charges


  • Entry Security Deposit (refunded on return of all keys, library books and satisfactory inspection of vacated room) $800
  • Sports and Social Club Subscription $390
  • Initial Print Credit Advance (used for network printing) $50


  • Network Cable (can supply own) $15
  • Purchase of Gown – New / Second Hand $135 / $85
  • Parking Fees Per Year – Car / Motor Cycle $871 / $504

Payment Schedule

22 Jan 2018: Billing for Semester 1 Fees
05 Feb 2018: Due Date for payment of Semester 1 Fees
30 Apr 2017: Billing for Semester 2 Fees
14 May 2017: Due Date for payment of Semester 2 Fees

NB: For mid-year entrants, Semester 2 fees are due and payable 1 week before the date of entry


Queen’s College has an extensive programme of scholarships which have been established in order to attract and assist students while they are studying at the College. These scholarships are available for all the various categories of students at the College, i.e. entrance scholarships for first-year undergraduate students, continuation scholarships for returning undergraduate students, graduate scholarships for graduate students and non-resident scholarships for non-resident students. See further the Scholarships and Bursaries Programme.


Queen’s College doesn’t have a mandatory work programme. This means we don’t expect students to perform chores without payment. However we do provide casual employment opportunities in the dining hall for those students interested in a casual employment.

Additional Financial Assistance

If prospective students have or expect to have financial problems, they should raise these at the time of interview or attach a note to their personal statement. The College offers many opportunities to do work for the College. Further assistance in the form of more substantial bursaries may be obtained from the Master’s Bursary Fund. These are given at the discretion of the Master. For further details see the Scholarships and Bursaries Programme.