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Facilities. College isn't just about a place to stay.

 Queen’s College is more than just a place to live - it’s a community. As one of the largest Colleges, it has a number of speciality facilities for use by residents and the College community.

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Student Rooms. More than just a place to live.

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Fully furnished with the essentials

The majority of the student rooms at Queen’s College cater to undergraduate students. Each resident lives in a single room, which comes fully furnished with the essentials: a single bed, desk, desk lamp, internet connection, wardrobe, bookcase and heating. You will need to supply your own bed linen, and many students also bring their own TV, a small fridge and computer with no extra fees charged for electricity. Once you have brought in your own belongings and decorated the room to your own style, it quickly feels like home.

Your room is an important part in your life at College, but you will quickly discover that your corridor and communal bathroom also play an important role. The ‘corridor culture’ is a distinctive aspect of College life. Unprompted and unplanned, residents will often open up their rooms and congregate in the corridors (fondly referred to as ‘corridor sits’) for informal gatherings, laughter and entertainment. It’s often during these ‘sits’ that you develop powerful friendships and life-long memories.

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Eakins Dining Hall is the place at Queen’s for meals and socialising.

Three meals are provided each day, so you are never left to fend for yourself. Meals times are very social with people from different year levels, courses and backgrounds chatting and getting to know each other.

If you have uni during lunch time you can make a sandwich at breakfast and take it with you. For those committed to University sports training, early or late classes or work commitments, ‘early/late dinners’ can be ordered over the intranet and served in the Dining Hall when you get back.

At set times each semester, we have ‘black tie’ dinners to celebrate Queen’s achievements or to hear from special guest speakers. These are formal nights giving us all a chance to dress up, listen to insightful speakers, and enjoy an elegant meal.

Eakins Dining Hall


7.30am to 10.30am
Most days breakfast includes cereal, toast, yoghurt and fruit. A couple of times a week, there is also a very popular hot food option.


Noon – 1:30pm
Lunch includes a range of salad, meat, cheese and antipasto, and bread, rolls and focaccias. A few days a week there is also a hot food option such as tacos, baked potatoes, pies, and on Fridays, fish and chips. Fresh fruit is also available.


6.30pm (Mon-Wed), 6pm (Thu-Sun)
Dinner includes a hot meal every night of the week. Dinner from Monday to Wednesday is ‘formal’ which means you get dressed up in your academic gown and dine with all members of the College residential community including students, the Master, The two Deans, tutors and some staff.


On weekends, everyone’s favourite meal is brunch. At Queen’s, brunch is a gradual progression of courses (depending when you wake up) served throughout the morning starting with cereal, then bacon and eggs, and ending with a variety of hot finger foods, salads and sandwiches.

Not only student rooms; Music, design and tutorial rooms.

In addition to our student rooms and tutorial rooms, there are also several rooms for music practice and a design studio for architecture, painting, drawing, construction, fashion and other design interests.

Music Rooms

Music is an integral part of life at Queen’s and is strongly encouraged by the College. Residents with a variety of musical talents and interests will gather to strum out their own tunes or to practice classical music in the Junior Common Room – with its high ceilings and unmatched acoustics – the Una Porter room and the Stafford room.

Tutorial rooms

As well as being used for tutorials, these rooms are used as meeting places for group assignments, committee discussions or other educational pursuits, and for a variety of group activities such as debating, play rehearsals and computer gaming.

Design Studio

The tower studio is a productive space for students with a creative flair. There is ample room for students to make architectural models, cut profiles, make sets and other production models, as well as drawings, miniature sculptures, resin casting, felting, book binding and spray painting. For photography students, there is also a light box. The studio space is bright and open with large windows facing all directions. The views are amazing and the paints and pencils are plentiful.

Design Studio portrait

The Design Studio located in the college tower

The Nicholas Laboratories.
Student recreation centre

The Nicholas Laboratories, or ‘Labs’, was built in 1930 to house the science laboratories. It has since been renovated and serves as a 24-hour recreational complex that is run by the students.

Billiards Room and Emporium

The Billiards room has large comfortable couches, a big plasma TV with Foxtel and a DVD/VCR player. It is a social gathering area during semester, especially when there is a major event on TV.

Billiards Room

Billiards Room

The Nicholas Laboratory

The Nicholas Laboratory.

Health & Wellness

In the labs you will also find active spaces, where the College offers weekly yoga classes and other wellness activities. The Labs open onto the University’s sporting precinct, pool and gymnasium.

Party Room & Courtyard

There is a party room and courtyard on the east side of the Labs. It has a dance floor, a light and sound system and a bar. In the adjoining paved courtyard there are warm gas heaters, a barbecue, and large wooden tables and seats. The party room is frequently used for our in-house dance parties, called turns.

Inside the Party Room, you will also find the Queen’s College Emporium. The Emporium stocks a wide range of confectionery at very low prices. It opens up twice a night, and three times a night during exams.

Information Technology ensures you’re connected to the community and the world.

IT and the internet play a central role in university life and Queen’s College has invested heavily in this area to ensure the College and residents benefit from it.

NBN-speed Internet access from student rooms

Queen’s College has arguably the best Internet access of all the Colleges with every student room having their own connection to the Internet. Our external Internet connection is fast, incredibly fast (200Mbps, roughly 16x faster than your average ADLS2 connection), and we do not place restrictions on your use (ie no quotas or filters). You can also access our internal network to print to our network printers (colour A3/A4) and share files between rooms/labs etc.


Computer lab

The computer lab supports students’ academic and recreational activities such as researching, printing, desktop publishing, image/photo and video editing. The computers are installed with a number of standard and specialty multimedia software packages and large widescreens.


The intranet is the central source of information about what is happening at Queen’s. It is accessible from within the college, the university and even at home. The website is updated by residents several times a day and contains everything from the latest news, photos, gossip, videos, and serious discussion. Make sure you ask your College tour guide for a demonstration!

Printing & general facilities

In addition to the computer lab and internet, residents also have access to several networked colour A3/A4 printers, photocopying and fax facilities, and the College projector which is available for loan.

The Library. Private study and group work couldn’t be more friendly and relaxed.

In addition to the several libraries on the University campus, Queen’s residents also have access to their very own library and librarian. The library has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that makes studying and group work easy and comfortable. It’s also the perfect place to go when you want to spread out and work solidly without being disturbed.

The library is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and stocks nearly every textbook you need for your course, as well as related books for essays and assignments. Texts and books can be borrowed for the whole semester, so there are no overdue fines!

The Queen’s library is committed to the academic success of our students, and provides up-to-date quality resources for students, and offers friendly assistance to students searching for relevant information.

More than just text books!

The library collection has been carefully developed to support both the academic and recreational interests of students. In addition to textbooks, students can also borrow a large range of fiction books, DVDs, music CDs and popular magazines.

The library has computers and wireless access to the internet for remote access to the University’s electronic resources. Students regularly use the library’s computers and print room to print their lecture notes before going to class. Photocopying facilities are also available.

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