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Apply to Queen’s College as an Undergraduate

Step 1:  Find out about Queen’s

Living in College is not like living in a flat with friends or living with your family. The best way to gauge if you will like living at Queen’s College is to visit us in person and there are two ways to do this:

  • Visit us on Open Day (mid-August)
    Every year the University of Melbourne and residential colleges hold an Open Day for prospective students.
  • Request a private tour
    If you can’t visit us on Open Day or would like to see Queen’s College at a time more convenient for you, you’re welcome to make an appointment with us to go on a private tour.
  • Mid Year Applications (for entry Semester 2, 2018)
    Applicants are encouraged to apply by mid-June, 2018.

Step 2:  Fill out the application form

Applications are Open Now 2018

Please complete the Online College Application Form.

Online at colleges.unimelb.edu.au

You must also provide us with the following:

  • Three (3) recent passport photos
  • Non-refundable Registration Fee of $75.00
  • A copy of your previous semester’s school report
  • Privacy Declaration form
  • VTAC number (domestic students only)

Step 3:  Fill out the Online Resume

Due: Prior to interview

Once you have completed Step 2 you will need to complete the Online Resume.

The Online Resume gives us an idea of your achievements and experiences and is used as the basis for the interviews.

Access and complete the Online Resume here:

Queen’s College Resume

Note that the Online Resume will also prompt you to apply for any scholarships. More information on scholarships can be found here: www.queens.unimelb.edu.au/scholarships

Step 4:  Arrange two Referees

Due: Prior to interview

After completing the online resume you will be emailed with instructions in order to complete your academic and personal references.

You need to ensure both of your referees complete their form so that your application can progress to the interview stage.

Step 5:  Organise an Interview

We consider an interview with you as an important part of the application process. For this purpose you are invited to come and visit the College for an interview, normally with the Dean of Studies, or the Dean of Student Wellbeing, or the Master. Although a face-to-face interview is highly preferable, there may be instances where this is not practical for overseas students, and in such cases, a Skype video interview may be conducted.

In either case, your interview will cover:

  1. What your aspirations are for life and study;
  2. Why you think it would be great to live at Queen’s College while studying at University;
  3. What you think the College can do for you;
  4. What you think you can do for the College.

Step 6:  Submit your results

Due: Mid-December 2018

When you receive your Year 12 results in mid-December, you need to provide the College with a copy of your final results page including the Tertiary Entrance Rank/ATAR score, or if you completed Year 12 outside Victoria, a copy of your results and ranking. IB students who receive their results early January may submit their results then.

Essential information

  • Make sure you complete every step! It is absolutely imperative that you complete your application fully. Applicants who fail to send in a resumé or referee reports or do not complete the application form fully or do not ring for an interview time may run the risk of not being offered a place at Queen’s College.
  • What if I miss a deadline? Late applications may not be considered so please advise us as soon as possible if you have missed, or are likely to miss a deadline
  • When will I hear the result of my application? Candidates receive a decision from us after the University places have been offered. This is usually during the third week in January. In some instances Queen’s College may offer places before this time, if University places have already been offered.
  • When will my placement be secure? Places offered at Queen’s are only secured on the payment of a deposit. Details of enrolment procedure are sent to students after the initial notice of an offer.

Need some help?

We understand that applying for a place at College can be a daunting process — if you need some help along the way please don’t be afraid to ask!

Dean of Students
Jake Workman
Telephone: +61 3 9349 0756
E-mail: jworkman@queens.unimelb.edu.au