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The Sugden Society – Remembering Queen’s College in Your Will

By including Queen’s College in your Will you are ensuring that the many fine young people who come after you will continue to enjoy all the wonderful benefits that you, your children, or friends enjoyed at Queen’s College.

Although Queen’s College is part of the Uniting Church and is affiliated with the University of Melbourne, it does not receive Church, University or government funding. Therefore bequests are a vital way of ensuring that all that you hold dear about the College can be continued into the future.

There are many exciting new plans on the drawing board for Queen’s College. This development cannot take place without considerable financial support from our College community.
With your help in the form of a generous bequest to Queen’s College you are contributing to the future development of this fine academic community.
Those who make a bequest are offered membership to The Sudgen Society, which includes invitations to exclusive events. It recognises and honours those who make bequests to the College during their lifetime. The Society has its own identity within the College and holds its own special events.

Contact Frank Opray – Bequest Officer – frank@opray.net or phone 0407 316 865 or The Director of Advancement Queen’s College, The University of Melbourne, 1-17 College Crescent, Parkville, Victoria. 3052 Australia. Telephone: +61 3 9349 0500 Facsimile: +61 3 9349 0525 E-mail: advancement@queens.unimelb.edu.au

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