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Enduring Scholarships Program

Enriching Lives Together.

Queen’s College has a proud tradition of delivering financial support to deserving students. This  tradition is more important than ever as fees and living expenses continue to rise.

The Enduring Scholarships Program will ensure that the best and brightest from all parts of Australian life will continue to have access to Queen’s College.Through the generous support of our community, we aim to establish perpetual scholarship funds. These funds will secure the College’s tradition of academic excellence, provide an enriching, diverse and supportive community, and inspire the students who will give back to this country in years to come.

Supporting our students

A College is only as healthy as the community housed within its walls. If we are to continually thrive and remain relevant, Queen’s College must evolve and respond to our students’ needs. As our student population has increased, so too has the demand for significant scholarship support.

By offering merit scholarships and need-based financial assistance, we can foster a diverse, engaged and inspiring community. The Enduring Scholarships Program aims to ensure that in the future deserving students, no matter their background, will get the opportunity to experience Queen’s College and gain the most from their education.

How you can support

The Enduring Scholarships Program aims to establish a number of scholarships in perpetuity. This approach ensures the scholarship exists for all time and permanently retains its real value and power to help students. Our ultimate goal is for scholarships to be fully endowed in perpetuity.

You can help the Enduring Scholarships Program in a number of ways:

Establish an Enduring Scholarship.

An Enduring Scholarship can be established through a variety of flexible options including full scholarship in perpetuity or scholarships that cover a percentage of fees.

These donations can be provided as a single gift or through a fixed number of pledges.

For example, an Enduring Scholarship valued at 15% of fees requires a total gift of $107,000. This could be provided as a single gift or through 10 pledges of $10,677 over the course of 10 years.

Naming rights for the scholarship will be granted to the donor in recognition of their generous contribution.

Establishment of an Enduring Scholarship by a fixed number of pledges linked to a bequest.

You can establish an Enduring Scholarship by remembering Queen’s College through a bequest. The flexibility to provide a single gift or a fixed number of pledges (as described above) is also available.

Support an existing named Enduring Scholarship.

There are a number of existing scholarships that require continuous funding. You can help grow the funds of Enduring Scholarships, such as the Jack & Elaine Clarke Scholarship, by donating a single gift or alternatively a recurring gift can be made through our Annual Giving Program.

Donate online

I would like to make a tax deductible gift of
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or Queen’s College Enduring Scholarship form Please note:
Naming the scholarship and the conditions to be discussed with the Master.
When the scholarship fund has been pledged, you will be invited to attend the commencement dinner of that or the following year.


“A Queen’s scholarship means everything to me. It’s allowed me to focus on my art and open a new chapter in my life. It’s helped shape who I am today.”


Kate Eyles Scholarship recipient


“The scholarship has enabled me to move interstate to Melbourne, as the financial stresses and restraints of moving have been significantly reduced.”


Indigenous Scholarship recipient


Jack Clarke in college

Supporting financially challenged residents to study music and the arts


The Jack & Elaine Clarke Scholarship