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Continuation Scholarships

These are awarded to undergraduate students who are already resident at the College or to students entering the College at a second year level or higher. They are awarded primarily on the basis of results obtained in the annual University examinations.

In total about thirty continuation scholarships will be awarded.

Continuation Assistance Scholarships

The first three Continuation Assistance Scholarships for 2018 open for application in September. For more information please email: dean-wellbeing@queens.unimelb.edu.au

Please note: An asterisk sign (*) next to the scholarship name indicates that financial disadvantage must be demonstrated. Please fill in the Financial Assistance Application form below.

Financial Assistance Application Form

These are available to undergraduates only.

Other Continuation Scholarships

The remaining scholarships cannot be applied for but will be awarded based on academic performance and/or input into college life.

Continuation Assistance Scholarships

  • Os Nelson Scholar* (half-fee)
    Two half-fee scholarships for continuing students who are making an excellent contribution to College life have been made available through the generosity of Mr Mark Nelson in honour of his father Mr Os Nelson, who resided at the College in 1950 to 1952. They must be applied for in writing and applicants must be able to demonstrate financial disadvantage.
  • Master’s scholarship * (40% fees)
    The College offers six continuation scholarships for students who are making an excellent contribution to College life. These scholarships are funded by the Master’s Discretionary Fund, which is made available by supporters of the College who contribute to the annual giving appeal.
  • Parnaby scholarship (Various)
    This special scholarship programme made possible by the generous bequest of Dr Owen Parnaby, fourth Master of the College, and his wife, Dr Joy Parnaby, historian and senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne. These scholarships are awarded to students who have made an excellent contribution to College life and wish to continue their residence. The value of the scholarships ranges from $1500 to a maximum of $4000. Preference is given to students who are returning to the College for a third year. Applications for the scholarships are received in September of each year for the coming year. They must be applied for in writing. In the letter of application financial circumstances must be explained.

Other Continuation Scholarships (cannot be applied for)

  • Johnstone-Need Scholarship (20% fees)
    Two major scholarships for academic excellence donated by Dr. Walter Johnstone-Need who resided at Queen’s from 1926 to 1931. On completing his studies he pursued a distinguished career as a surgeon in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. They can be awarded to any student, but are usually given to students in the area of science. The support of the scholarship fund is being continued by his widow, Mrs. Muriel Johnstone-Need.
  • Langton Scholarship (15% fees)
    Scholarship for academic excellence funded by a bequest of R A Langton for the benefit of country students.
  • Callister Scholarship (15% fees)
    Scholarship for academic excellence from a bequest from Dr C P Callister in memory of his son Ian who was killed in the Second World War. Dr Callister was the scientist who created Vegemite.
  • Moran Scholarship (15% fees)
    Scholarship for academic excellence funded from a generous benefaction from Mr T. E. Moran, who was the founder, together with Mr F. J. Cato, of the firm Moran & Cato, and his son, Dr F. H. Moran, who was a medical practitioner.
  • The William & Vera Pryor Scholarship (15% fees)
    This award was made possible by the twelve children and grandchildren of William and Vera Pryor who all attended the College between 1938 and 1992. It commemorates and expresses their gratitude to them for encouraging and supporting the tertiary education of their family members, including residence at Queen’s.
  • Past Scholars (20% fees)
    Scholarship(s) for academic excellence are made possible by gifts given annually to the College by past scholars, i.e. former residents who were awarded scholarships during their time at Queen’s
  • Tweddle Scholarship (20% fees)
    Scholarship for academic excellence made available by the Tweddle Trust. J. T. Tweddle was a major benefactor of the College in the 1920’s and 1930’s. A part of the Main building of Queen’s is still named after him. A successful businessman and prominent Methodist, he was President of Council from 1934 to 1939.
  • Hague Scholarship (20% fees)
    Scholarship for academic excellence funded from the bequest of the late Mr. George Hague, a Methodist businessman from Geelong.
  • Founders’ Scholarship (20% fees)
    Scholarship for academic excellence in honour of those early supporters of the College who generously provided funds for scholarships.
  • Hitchcock Scholarship (15% fees)
    Scholarship for academic excellence funded by the Hitchcock Estate. Mr H Hitchcock was one of the owners of the Geelong Department Store Bright & Hitchcock. The main street in Barwon Heads is named after his family.