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To complete the Queen's College resume you need to have first completed an application on http://apply.colleges.unimelb.edu.au

The apply.colleges.unimelb.edu.au will send you an email with a coded link to give you access to the resume site.

To access this resume site you can either click the link you were sent or use your original credentials (application ID and password) from the apply.colleges site

Login using your application ID and password from the apply.colleges.unimelb.edu.au site

Lost the original email?
Enter the email address used for the APPLICANT on the apply.colleges.unimelb.edu.au site and click Send

Queen's College Online Resume

Before completing the Queen's College Resume you must first make an application at http://apply.colleges.unimelb.edu.au

The apply.colleges site will send you an email granting you access to the Queen's Resume site. See the instructions on the right for further details.

To finalize your application to reside at Queen's College you are then required to fill out this online resume.

Once you have started a new resume you have two weeks to complete and submit it. You can save your resume in an incomplete state and return to complete it at your leisure during this two week period.

Remember, we cannot proceed with your application until: