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Wyvern Armistice Prize

The Wyvern Armistice Prize is a new offering from the Wyvern Society, to be awarded annually for either a piece of writing, art, or music that honours the legacy of those who served in WWI. These Wyverns strove to achieve a peace that they hoped would be lasting—that the Great War would be ‘the war to end all wars’. Subsequent generations, however, have borne tragic witness to successive conflicts and atrocities.

A century on from the Armistice, the Prize honours their sacrifice by looking to the future. Today’s students are tomorrow’s future leaders, innovators and challengers. The prize prompts critical and reflective thinking by asking questions such as ‘how do we communicate the horror of war to generations for whom war is a media concept rather than a brutal reality’, ‘how might WWIII begin?’, and ‘what constitutes a true peace?’. The ‘dangerous idea’ at the heart of the prize is: Are wars a necessary evil?


  • Submission is by 5 pm on September 11, 2018 to the Dean of Academic Programs, who will collate submission for the panel. The prize is awarded on or around November 11 each year by a panel consisting of the Head of College, the Arch Wyvern (or nominee of the Society), and a distinguished academic in the area of the Humanities.
  • The prize for the winning entry is AUD 750.00, with the option of a 250-dollar prize for a commendation.
  • It is open to all young Wyverns (up to 5 years out of College) and current resident students of Queens.
  • The material submitted to the prize must be original, i.e. must not have been submitted elsewhere, particularly not for University assessment. Work cannot have been assessed or improved by a third party.
  • Artwork: the art must be in a format that can be displayed. Ephemera will not be considered, nor will performance pieces, or film. The artwork may be purchased by the College to form part of its collection and may be reproduced in Aedificamus in 2019.
  • Prose: Essays should be from 1500-2000 words in length. These can be either polemical in tone, or a creative literary response to the theme. Winning entries will be published in Aedificamus in 2019.
  • Music: The piece should be 3-5 minutes in length, and can be in any genre. Winning entries will be performed where possible.
  • Artwork and music must be accompanied by a 300-word explanatory statement which explains the intellectual concept which underpins the piece.

Contact: Dr Sally Dalton-Brown (dean-studies@queens.unimelb.edu.au)