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Three happy Graduates together at Queen's College

Graduates. Why choose to live at Queen’s College?

Our aim is to provide the best possible environment for graduates to pursue their studies at university.

Graduate studies are challenging. The time commitment and academic rigor of graduate studies make juggling study, work and social life a necessity. Queen’s College seeks to provide the best academic and social environment for graduates to succeed in all aspects of your life.

Queen’s College is not just graduate accommodation. It is an academic community designed to complement your university education and give you an edge in a very competitive environment. It is an academic community which offers many advantages to graduates. The large range of activities, the academic and pastoral support and the daily interaction with such a diverse community allows you to discover and develop skills and experiences you never thought possible.

At College, you’ll have a community surrounding you to provide support and connections that will help you get the most out of your graduate education.