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Community. The core of the College experience.

We want our graduates to excel at their studies, but we also don’t want one-dimensional residents. Being part of the Queen’s College community and participating in the various events and activities is one of the best reasons to choose to live at Queen’s. Full details of the benefits of living in a College community can be found on the College Activities and College Life pages.


Urinetown the Musical

Have a creative performing streak? Or love being involved behind the scenes? There is no shortgage of musical, drama and creative activities to join in.


Network with and learn from the many professionals and academics who live in or are associated with the College. An example is prominent Australian historian, Prof Geoffrey Blainey AC (pictured above).


Academic life can be isolating – but not at Queen’s, where your fellow graduate residents understand the demands and pressures you have. Here you will make friends that last a lifetime!


We have a large number of teams who compete against the other Colleges in over 15 different sports. The seasons are short (a few weeks) so that they won’t affect your studies. In most sports, there is an ‘experienced team’ and a ‘novice team’ – so even if you’ve never played a sport before, you have the opportunity to give it a try at Queen’s College.