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Community Structure

The Queen’s community is large and diverse, covering those who currently live and work in College, and those who are still associated with it even though they have moved out.

This page helps to explain how these groups fit together under the ‘Queen’s community’ umbrella.


College Council and Master

The College is governed by the Council, which may be considered to be like a Board of directors. Its President is Mr Ross Williams AM. The Council appoints the Master, who is the Head of the College. The current Master of Queen’s is Dr Stewart Gill OAM.

Senior Management

The College Deans, Dr Sally Dalton-Brown and Mr Jake Workman, along with the Chief Operating Officer, Mr Anthony Welsh and Director of Advancement, Nicole Crook, form the core of the Senior Management Team. Together with the Master, they are responsible for the day to day running of the College.

Managers and Staff

A group of Managers, who are assisted by friendly staff, help Senior Management in running the College’s administration. You will get to know the Managers and staff on a first name basis.

Senior Common Room

All professionals, lecturers, visiting academics, residential theologians and staff are members of the Senior Common Room (SCR). Most act as tutors for the College and form the core of the Queen’s mentoring program.

Middle Common Room

All graduates studying for professional or research degrees are members of the Middle Common Room (MCR). They may act as tutors or mentors for the College’s undergraduates. They are led by the Middle Common Room executive committee.

Wyverns (Alumni)

The term Wyvern is drawn from the mythical dragon on the College crest. Wyverns are past residents of Queen’s and are therefore our alumni. Coming to Queen’s means you will automatically join the Wyvern Society, an amazing group of people networked throughout wider society

General Committee

The General Committee (GC) is the elected leadership of the Junior Common Room. The GC runs the Queen’s College Sports & Social Club. The GC act as role models for younger students, and are available to help in all kinds of ways. There is also a multitude of sub-committees within the JCR – environmental, social work, social activities, music and drama, cultural events, sports etc.

Junior Common Room

All undergraduates in the College are members of the Junior Common Room (JCR). Regional Victoria supplies nearly half their number and metropolitan, interstate and international centres supply the rest. School leavers come from a broad mix of government, catholic and independent schools. At least 85% of the JCR is comprised of students at the University of Melbourne. Up to 15% is drawn from the RMIT (City) and Monash University, Parkville (Pharmacy).