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AHRC Report

We are saddened by the findings of the AHRC report that came out on August 1.

Queen’s believes strongly that all its students and staff have the right to flourish and to feel safe and respected at the College, and we work with our student leaders continuously to improve our wellbeing and fair treatment structures.

For Queen’s, one case is too many. The strong community bonds of Queen’s require all who live and work here to respect one another unreservedly.

We are looking ahead to embracing the best practice recommendations of the report.

We encourage anyone to come forward if they are in need of support. If there is anyone who has suffered from an institutional failure in the past, we apologise and offer full support. Further to the reports that have been published on sexual assault this year, and various media articles and programs, we can only reiterate our commitment to supporting any survivors of sexual assault

Following the release of the AHRC report, an interim support line has been established by Universities Australia and will be open 24 hour 7 days a week until 30th November, and is being run by specialist trauma counselling service, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. The support line is being established as a complement to existing phone and face-to-face counselling services operated by Australian universities. The number is 1800 572 224.

The Colleges of the University of Melbourne Joint Statement